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Nina Sellars



Inversion is a camera obscura installation. The usual process of the camera obscura, that of portraying an external scene onto an interior wall, has been inverted in this work. In Inversion an object contained within a small internal space is imaged and projected out. Inversion magnifies and projects the light emanating from a small bulb contained within the construction, so the 2cm tall light bulb forms a 1 metre tall image on the opposing gallery wall. The light not only transmits the image, but also becomes the image.

The structure is built from lathed brass, and supports a ground glass lens that magnifies the projection.

Dr. Matthew Sellars from the Laser Physics Centre, Research School of Physical Science and Engineering, Australian National University assisted with the technical realisation of the project.

Inversion was exhibited in the group exhibition Convergence at the Shifted Gallery, Melbourne, 2008.

Camera Obscura: brass, glass, light bulb, power supply
Dimensions: h25cm x w w20cm x d20cm

wall image: h110cm x w80cm