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Nina Sellars
Artist's statement

My art practice focuses on human anatomy and its symbiotic history with arts and technology. Utilizing the mediums of drawing, photography and new media I explore through my artwork the internal architecture and perceptual awareness and abilities of the acculturated body as embedded in the world and mediated by technology.

The proliferation in science of various anatomical images, both historical and modern, defines for us different approaches to the human body. These approaches are all a combination, in varying degrees, of theory, observation, culture and technology. Anatomical images are never truly objective; they are created in the context of their time, and are therefore subject to the technologies and beliefs of that time.

My current research analyses the construction of anatomical images, focusing on the role that light plays in the translation of flesh into image. Conceptualising light as an instigator rather than passive illuminator of knowledge I investigate the idea that, with the advent of new technologies which are able to emanate, record and capture light, our perception of the anatomical body alters and a new body is imagined.